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What computing accounts are available at IU, and for whom?

Use of Indiana University technology resources (e.g., computers, networks, phones) is restricted to purposes related to the university's mission of education, research, and public service. Access to IU computing resources is granted to all admitted IU students and current or retired university faculty and staff, in support of their studies, instruction, duties as employees, official business with the university, and other university-sanctioned activities. Under certain circumstances, guests and affiliates of IU are also eligible.

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Basic accounts

Students, faculty, and staff at IU initially receive the following accounts:

  • ADS domain account: Your ADS account consists of a unique username and passphrase, and allows you to authenticate to most university resources.

  • Email account: Students create email accounts on Umail (powered by Google). Faculty and staff now create accounts on the Exchange servers, but some also have accounts on Cyrus.

    Note: UITS no longer allows the creation of Imail or Cyrus (Webmail) accounts, in anticipation of the retirement of those services. See About the Imail retirement and About the Cyrus (Webmail) retirement.

  • UITS printer account for students and faculty (IU Bloomington only): Students and faculty at IU Bloomington also automatically receive a UITS printer account, which is necessary to use most printing facilities on the IUB campus. For information about printing accounts for staff, see below.

Note: Along with the basic accounts that are automatically created, you may be eligible for other UITS computing accounts, based on your campus and your status within the university. You can request most of these accounts through the IU Account Management Service (AMS).

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Additional accounts

UITS printer account for staff (IUB only)

IUB staff members do not have printer accounts created with their initial accounts, but should be able to create one using the AMS. If the option to create a printer account does not appear in the AMS, and you still cannot print in the STCs or RTCs, send your account request to UITS Leveraged Services.

Associated with this account is a per-semester printing allotment; see About printing at IUB.

Individual home page account (all campuses)

If you'd like to publish an individual home page (Pages) at IU, you can request an account on Mercury, which serves pages at

Note: Pages replaced the Mypage service on January 1, 2014. Pages is limited to professional, research, instructional, and academic needs. The content in an account on Pages must be related to the individual's, department's, or student group's role within the university (for example, a faculty or staff member's professional, research, or academic information, or a student's academic tasks). Specifically, these accounts are no longer to be used for content such as hobbies, family information, and favorite entertainment links. All account owners are being contacted about this change.

Box (all campuses)

The IU Box service provides a simple, secure way to share and store files and folders online. Box consolidates your content in a single location, easily accessible from anywhere, on any device. You can create files and folders, share them using a direct link, invite others to collaborate, and continue to revise and review your content. Though similar in appearance to other consumer services such as Dropbox, Box can directly integrate with existing IU systems (e.g., accounts, CAS for single sign-on with your Network ID) and security. Your Box account quota is 50 GB.

For more, see About Box at IU and Getting started with Box at IU.

Workstation accounts (IUB only)

The Burrow, a cluster of Linux workstations in Lindley Hall (LH 004 and 035), is reserved for use by students taking computer science or informatics classes. Accounts are created automatically for students enrolled in computer science and informatics classes that use these systems.

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Accounts for groups, departments, and student organizations

For details, see About requesting accounts for groups or departments and About computing accounts for IUB and IUPUI student organizations.

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Research system accounts (all campuses)

IU's world-class supercomputers and data storage systems, fundamental components of the advanced scholarly and artistic cyberinfrastructure managed by the Research Technologies division of UITS, enable computing research experimentation and implementation at IU, and amplify the talents of local and national researchers. These systems are configured to support research computing only, and do not accept inbound mail from the network. Newsreaders, information clients (e.g., Lynx), and IRC clients are not supported.

Eligible students, faculty, staff, and sponsored affiliates can use the AMS to request accounts on the research systems:

Eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • All IU students, faculty, staff, and and sponsored affiliated researchers can use the AMS to request accounts on the following research systems:

    • Quarry

      Quarry ( is Indiana University's primary Linux cluster computing environment for research and research instruction use. It also serves as a "condominium cluster" environment for researchers, research labs, departments, and schools that want to have computational nodes housed within the IU Bloomington Data Center and managed by UITS Research Technologies staff. Additionally, Quarry provides a virtual machine hosting environment for the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE), the National Science Foundation's largest advanced cyberinfrastructure facility.

      For more, see Quarry at Indiana University.

    • Mason

      Mason ( at Indiana University is a large memory computer cluster configured to support data-intensive, high-performance computing tasks for researchers using genome assembly software (particularly software suitable for assembly of data from next-generation sequencers), large-scale phylogenetic software, or other genome analysis applications that require large amounts of computer memory. At IU, Mason accounts are available to IU faculty, postdoctoral fellows, research staff, and students involved in genome research. IU educators providing instruction on genome analysis software, and developers of such software, are also welcome to use Mason. IU has also made Mason available to genome researchers from the National Science Foundation's Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) project.

      For more, see Mason at Indiana University.

  • Only IU graduate students, faculty, and staff can use the AMS to request accounts on the following research systems; undergraduate students and sponsored affiliates won't see these systems listed as available options in the AMS, and will need either faculty or staff sponsors to request accounts (see below):

    • Big Red II:

      Big Red II is Indiana University's main system for high-performance parallel computing. With a theoretical peak performance (Rpeak) of one thousand trillion floating-point operations per second (1 petaFLOPS), Big Red II is among the world's fastest research supercomputers. Owned and operated solely by IU, Big Red II is designed to accelerate discovery in a wide variety of fields, including medicine, physics, fine arts, and global climate research, and enable effective analysis of large, complex data sets (i.e., big data).

      For more, see Big Red II at Indiana University.

    • The Research Database Complex (RDC)

      The Indiana University Research Database Complex ( supports research-related databases and data-intensive applications that require databases. The RDC supports Oracle and MySQL databases, and provides an environment ( for database-driven web applications focusing on research.

      For more, see The Research Database Complex (RDC) at Indiana University.

    • The Research File System (RFS)

      The RFS is a centralized storage area supporting IU researchers. RFS is based on OpenAFS, compatible with all major operating systems, and accessible using various methods from on and off campus. Data are regularly backed up, and reside in physically secure environments on the IUB and IUPUI campuses.

      For more, see The Research File System (RFS) at Indiana University.

    • The Scholarly Data Archive (SDA)

      The SDA is an HPSS distributed storage service with extensive capacity for storing and accessing research data. The system is located at IUB and IUPUI, providing automatic off-site copies of data for disaster recovery.

      For more, see The Scholarly Data Archive (SDA) at Indiana University.

    Note: The following information pertains to undergraduate students and sponsored affiliates needing Big Red II, RDC, RFS, or SDA accounts:

    • Undergraduate students must have faculty sponsors to get Big Red II, RDC, RFS, or SDA accounts. Your sponsor must make the account request on your behalf. To request a Big Red II or RDC account, your sponsor should email the High Performance Systems (HPS) group. To request an RFS or SDA account, your sponsor should email the Research Storage group. The request should include your IU username and a brief justification of your request.

    • If you are an IU affiliate, ask your sponsor to make a Big Red II, RDC, RFS, or SDA account request on your behalf. The request should include your IU Affiliate account username and a brief justification of your request. For an account on a high-performance computing system, your sponsor should email the High Performance Systems (HPS) group; for an account on a research storage system, your sponsor should email the Research Storage group. The appropriate group will notify you via email when your account has been created.

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Specialized system accounts

  • Departmental LAN accounts

    To request an account on a departmental LAN, contact the department's network administrator.

  • University web server (Webserve) accounts

    Webserve provides web space for online publication by IU departments and officially recognized organizations, including officially recognized student groups. See At IU, who can have an account on Webserve, and how do I get one?

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Accounts available for those who are not students, faculty, or staff

  • If you are affiliated with IU (e.g., as a contractor or Manpower employee), you may qualify for an IU Affiliate account.

  • If you need temporary wireless access, you may qualify for a Network Access account.

  • If you are attending a conference at IU, you may qualify for a Conference account.

  • Guest accounts provide limited access to certain online applications and services.

  • IU retirees retain access to some accounts and resources.

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