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ARCHIVED: In Pine, how do I create a distribution list?

Note: Pine is not available on any central UITS systems. UITS does not support the use of Pine at Indiana University.

Note: The software discussed here is no longer in common use at IU, and UITS may no longer be able to verify this text's accuracy; additionally, the UITS Support Center may no longer have the materials needed to adequately support this software.

Note: If you want to make a distribution list with more than 30 addresses, or if you would like others to be able to use your list, you may want to create a mailing list using Majordomo or LISTSERV rather than maintaining the list on your own account. Lists longer than 1,200 names will crash the Pine program.

To create a distribution list in Pine using the Address Book:

  1. From Pine's Main Menu, press  a  to open the Address Book screen.

  2. To enter the Address Book's edit screen, depending on the version of Pine you have, press either  a  or  @ . Use your arrow keys to move between the fields. Enter the following information in each category:

    • Nickname: This is the short name for the list and will be what you enter on the "To:" line in Pine to send an email message to everyone on the list. It can't have any spaces in it, and the hyphen ( - ) and underscore ( _ ) are the only non-alphanumeric characters allowed. For example, a list Nickname might be starwars_fans.
    • Fullname: Use this field to describe the purpose of the list. Unlike the Nickname, this can consist of more than one word. For example, the Fullname could be Star Wars Fan Club. The Fullname will appear in the header of messages you send to this list.
    • Fcc: Any mail you send to the list will be saved in the folder you specify in this field. You are not required to put anything in this field. If you don't, mail sent to the list will be saved in the default saved mail folder (usually sent-mail).
    • Comment: You are not required to put anything in the "Comment:" field, but you can use it to enter more information about the distribution list.
    • Addresses: This is where you put the email addresses of all the people you want to be on the list. Enter all the email addresses, separating them by commas. The list should look something like this:,,
  3. Once you have entered all required information, press Ctrl-x . When prompted to save your changes, press  y .

To edit this list later, from Pine's Main Menu, go back to the Address Book screen by pressing  a . Use your arrow keys to find the list you want to edit, and press  v . (Additional Address Book commands are listed at the bottom of the screen.)

To send mail to a Pine distribution list, compose a message and, in the "To:" field, enter the list's nickname. If you don't remember a list's nickname, press Ctrl-t to enter the Address Book, and then select the list from the menu.

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Last modified on December 01, 2009.

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