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How do I change information displayed in the online IU Address Book and the Global Address List?

At Indiana University, the information displayed in the online IU Address Book and the Global Address List (GAL) is provided by several university departments, and maintained and cross-checked by several UITS systems. Therefore, the specific instructions for changing information in the IU Address Book and the GAL can vary depending on what you want to change. Additionally, some fields in the online IU Address Book are controlled by particular offices within the university, and only those offices can change them.

Students, faculty, staff, and affiliates are listed in the IU Address Book if they have a valid IU username and email address (i.e., they have created their first computing accounts.) The Address Book updates nightly. After information has populated through various systems, it may take a day for new records to appear.

See the appropriate section below for contacting the correct information provider.

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Students, faculty, and staff


See At IU, how can students or applicants review or change personal information?

Faculty or staff

To change your IU office phone number, log into OneStart, click the Services tab, and then select the Employee Center on the left. Click Employee Information, and then use the edit button to revise as you wish.

To change your preferred email address, see At IU, how do I choose my primary email address and preferred email service?

To make other changes:

Faculty and staff should also complete and submit the IU personal data change form:

  1. In OneStart, click the Services tab, then Administrative Systems on the left, and then HRMS.

  2. Under "HRMS Related Links", click Personal Profile Forms.

  3. Click Change Form, Personal Data. This will open the form as a PDF file.

  4. Print and complete the form, and then submit it to your information provider.

Note: Your updated information should appear in the IU Address Book and GAL within a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of a week. If not, contact your information provider.

Group or departmental accounts

To change the display information for your group or departmental account, contact the accounts administrator (all campuses except IPFW) at .

Note: A group/departmental account will appear in the Address Book if accounts are created for it, and it also has an associated email address.

Affiliate accounts

To change the display name for an Affiliate account, the affiliate's sponsor should go into the original request (see About sponsoring a computing account for an IU affiliate) and make any updates. The Accounts Administration team will then process the change.

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