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At IUB, how do I use Olduvai?

Note: Olduvai is departmentally sponsored software. UITS computing consultants are not trained to support this product. For help with using Olduvai, talk to your instructor or AI. Olduvai is sponsored by Professor Jeanne Sept in the Anthropology Department at Indiana University Bloomington.

Olduvai is not installed in the Student Technology Centers (STCs) at IUB. You must have the CD-ROM to use it in any Mac OS X or Windows STC.


To run Olduvai on a Mac, use it as you would any other Mac software on CD-ROM.

Windows STC

Note: Olduvai startup files are installed in the Windows STCs, but you need the CD to run the program.

To run Olduvai in the Windows STCs, insert the CD-ROM. From the Start menu, select Departmentally Sponsored, then Anth, and then Olduvai. Double-click Olduvai.

The program will launch, and you will see a window that tells you an application or DLL called wing.dll is missing. Click OK. You will see another error warning you about a problem saving files. Click OK.

Sound issues

Bring your own headphones to use with Olduvai. Many STCs (but not all) have audio extension cords into which you can plug headphones.

Note: The animal data movies do not have sound.


If you hear no sound, the audio speaker might be muted or the volume might be turned off. If you are using Windows, click the speaker icon in the notification area. If the volume control is toward the bottom, drag it to the top. If this does not produce sound, ask a consultant for assistance.

Mac OS X

If you are using a Mac, check the volume level by clicking the speaker icon in the top right corner of your screen. If the volume is at maximum level and you still can't hear anything:

  1. From the Apple menu, select System Preferences... . Under "Hardware", click Sound.

  2. Select Output, and then move the "Output Volume" slider all the way to the right. Make sure Mute is deselected.

If this does not produce sound, ask a consultant for assistance.

Saving your work

If you have saved bookmarks or any data in the Fieldbook, save the Fieldbk.cst file to a flash drive or in your Oncourse Resources. This is the file the program previously warned you about (if you are using Windows). Since the CD-ROM itself is not writable, you cannot save files on it, but you should be able to save information to a flash drive or other storage space.

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Last modified on November 12, 2012.

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