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ARCHIVED: In Oncourse, how can I create, change, or delete a schedule item?

UITS no longer supports original Oncourse. For information about Indiana University's current version of Oncourse, see What is Oncourse?

To create a schedule item in Oncourse that will appear on the calendars of all students in the class, follow these steps:

  1. Log into Oncourse and select a course for which you have authoring privileges.

  2. Click Schedule and then click Create/Edit Schedule.

  3. Click the blue plus sign icon next to "New Item".

  4. Fill out the fields in the Schedule Item Editor:

    • Category: Select a category from the drop-down list, or click the blue plus sign icon to create a new category.
    • Due Date: By default, schedule items are created with no due dates. If you'd like the item to appear in your students' personal calendars and in the calendar view for your course, you must set a due date. Select the appropriate date and uncheck the No Due Date box.
    • Title: Enter a title for the schedule item.
    • Format: Choose whether you would like to format the content for the item as plain text, "smart text" (which interprets emoticons and creates hyperlinks from URLs), or HTML.
    • Content: Enter the content of the schedule item. This is what will appear when users click the title of the schedule item; if you would rather direct users to a web page, see step 5 below.
    • Attachment: Click the blue plus sign icon to add an attachment to the schedule item. For more information, see the Knowledge Base document ARCHIVED: In Oncourse, how can I attach a file to a schedule item?
    • Viewable By: Select which users may see the schedule item. If you have groups set up for the course, you can choose to restrict access to particular groups. For more information about creating groups, see the Knowledge Base document ARCHIVED: In Oncourse, how can I organize my class into groups?

  5. Under "Advanced Settings", you can choose a starting and ending date for the schedule item or provide a URL for a web page that will be loaded when users click the title of the schedule item. If you don't provide any content for the schedule item in the "Content" field, you must provide a URL here. If you enter a URL, you can also specify an HTML attribute for the <A> tag for the URL, for example, the target attribute, which will cause the URL to open in a new browser window.

  6. Click OK to create the item, or click Cancel if you don't want to create the item.

To edit or delete an existing schedule item, click Schedule and then Create/Edit Schedule. To edit an item, click the pencil icon next to that item. To delete an item, click the checkbox next to the item and then click the button with the red "x" next to "Delete Selected Items". Click OK when prompted to confirm the deletion.

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Last modified on August 30, 2010.

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