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ARCHIVED: In Microsoft Excel, how do I turn a row into a column or vice versa?

In an Excel worksheet, you can use the Paste Special function to cut and paste data from a row to a column or from a column to a row:

  1. Select the data cells you want to switch. You can select the whole row or column if you wish.

  2. In Office 2010 or 2007, in the Home tab, in the "Clipboard" section, select Copy.

    In earlier versions, from the Edit menu, select Copy.

  3. Select the upper left cell of the paste area. The paste area must be outside the area containing the data you want to switch. For example, if you are switching data in a column in cells A1 through A5, the paste area cannot overlap with any cells in A1 through A5. One possibility in that case is to use B1 through F1 for the paste area; to do that, you would select cell B1.

  4. In Excel 2010 or 2007, from the Home tab, see the "Clipboard" section. Click the arrow below "Paste", and then choose Paste special.

    In earlier versions, from the Edit menu, select Paste Special.

  5. The Paste Special dialog box will open. Select Transpose, and then click OK.

The information in this document is adapted from the Excel help files.

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Last modified on July 03, 2012.

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