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Bioinformatics software at IU

UITS provides bioinformatics software on the the Quarry cluster.

Research computing resources at Indiana University (Big Red II, Quarry, Mason, and Rockhopper) use the Modules environment management package, which allows you to dynamically customize your software environment on each system.

To determine which bioinformatics packages (and which versions) are available on Quarry, from the command line, enter module avail and examine the list under /N/soft/rhel6/modules/quarry/LIFE-SCIENCES.

To add a package (and, optionally, a specified version) to your user environment on Quarry, from the command line enter:

module load package/version

To make permanent changes to your environment, edit your ~/.modules file. For more, see In Modules, how do I save my environment with a .modules file?

For more about the Modules package, see the module manual page and the modulefile manual page. Additionally, see On Big Red II, Mason, Quarry, and Rockhopper at IU, how do I use Modules to manage my software environment?

To request software for general use on Quarry, submit the Software Request Form.

Note: Quarry is designed for long-running single-processor programs, programs that require large amounts of memory, and parallel programs that require memory that is shared by many processors (SMP). For more, see Quarry at Indiana University.

Following is support information for some of bioinformatics packages available on Quarry:

If you need help or have questions about software on Quarry, email the UITS Scientific Applications and Performance Tuning (SciAPT) team.

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Last modified on November 04, 2013.

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