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ARCHIVED: At IU, where can I get the IUware CD?

The IUware CD contains licensed software packages, Indiana University-customized installers, and instructions for their use.

  • IU Bloomington: Students, faculty, and staff can purchase the CD at the UITS Support Center location in the Information Commons and at the bookstore in IMU M074. The cost of the CD is $5 plus tax, and you must present a valid IU CampusAccess Card at the time of purchase. For further information, see How can I buy IU software CDs (i.e., discounted software) if I can't get to campus?

  • IUPUI: Students, faculty, and staff can purchase the CD at the IUPUI Bookstore in Cavanaugh Hall, the IUPUI Union Building bookstore, the Ruth Lilly Medical Library, and the MERP Learning Resource Center (Medical Science B10). The CD costs $5 plus tax, and you must present a valid student, faculty, or staff photo ID at the time of purchase.

At the regional campuses, you may purchase the IUware CD at the following bookstores:

  • IU East:
    Richmond bookstore
    Whitewater Hall, lower level
    8am-7pm Monday-Thursday
    8am-5pm Friday

  • IPFW:
    IPFW bookstore (privately owned)
    Kettler Hall G10
    8:30am-7:30pm Monday-Thursday
    8:30am-3pm Friday
    10am-1pm Saturday

  • IU Kokomo:
    IU Kokomo bookstore
    Kelley Student Center
    9am-7pm Monday-Thursday (fall)
    9am-6pm Monday-Thursday (spring)
    9am-5pm Friday

  • IU Northwest:
    IU Northwest bookstore
    Savannah Center
    8am-6pm Monday-Thursday
    8am-2pm Friday

  • IU South Bend:
    IUSB bookstore
    Northside Hall 136
    8am-7pm Monday-Thursday
    8am-1pm Friday
    10am-2pm Saturday

  • IU Southeast:
    IU Southeast bookstore
    Library, ground floor
    8:15am-8pm Monday-Thursday
    8:15am-5pm Friday
    9am-1pm Saturday

  • IUPU Columbus:
    IUPU Columbus bookstore
    4601 Central Avenue
    9am-6:30pm Monday-Thursday
    9am-5pm Friday
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Last modified on July 29, 2010.

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