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In the Self-Service section of OneStart, why do I get an error message that I am not authorized to access the site, component, or page?

The SIS Self-Service section in OneStart uses cookies to keep track of your current transactions. For security, your web browser is assigned an access level when you first access SIS Self-Service, and you will be allowed only that kind of access for that browser session. For example, if you enter Self-Service first via the SIS Admin tab, you will be granted administrative access, and you won't be able to use student or faculty functions. You may receive one of the following errors:

You are not authorized to access this component.

You are not authorized for this page.

To correct this, either exit all open web browser windows and restart your browser, or clear your browser cookies. If you routinely need to access SIS in multiple roles, see the instructions below. For information on clearing your browser cookies, see How do I view and control cookies in my Internet browser?

Accessing SIS in multiple roles (e.g., student, faculty, administrative)

You can access SIS in one or more of the following roles, based on your relationship with the university: student, instructor, or administrative. Your role determines your privileges within the system. Access is as follows:

  • Student access is via the Self-Service section in OneStart.
  • Instructor access is via either the Faculty system or Staff system section.
  • Administrative access is via the SIS Admin section.

SIS implements these roles using session cookies; therefore, you can access the system from only a single role for any one browser session. To access SIS via multiple roles simultaneously (e.g., student/administrative, instructor/administrative, or student/instructor), open two separate browser sessions. In Windows, you can open two sessions with a single browser (e.g., using Internet Explorer for both sessions). If you're using a Mac, you'll need to use two separate browsers (e.g., Safari and Firefox) to access the two different roles.

In Windows, launch your browser and proceed as you normally do to access the first section (e.g., Self-Service). Then, to access the other role, launch your browser again (i.e., double-click the icon for your browser) and proceed as you normally would to access the second section (e.g., SIS Admin).

Note that this is not the same as opening a new browser window (for example, by pressing Ctrl-n); you need to launch a new browser session. In Windows, you can use the same type of browser (e.g., Internet Explorer) for both sessions, but you need to launch the application twice.

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