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At the Support Center walk-in location in the Wells Library at IUB, what products and services are available for purchase?

Listed below are the services, software, and other products available for purchase at the Support Center walk-in office at the Information Commons at Indiana University Bloomington.

Note: For media (whether blank or containing software), add sales tax to the price listed below. Services and print quota increases do not incur tax.

Service Price and information
File recovery attempt from central system $20 (whether successful or not; see At IU, how do I recover files or email deleted from UITS central systems?)
Carry-in consulting
(Software installation, data backup, help with security issues, etc.)
See IUB Carry-in Consulting services and pricing.

Software Price and information
Windows 8 Pro (64- or 32-bit) on DVD $20
Windows 7 Ultimate (64- or 32-bit) on DVD $20
Microsoft Office 2013 (for Windows) on DVD $20
Microsoft Office 2011 (for Mac) on DVD $20 (Note that all customers must sign the Microsoft user agreement when purchasing Microsoft software.)
Adobe Creative Suite 6 (Design & Web Premium or Production Premium) for Windows or Mac $20 (see About Adobe software at IU)

Note: The Information Commons Support Center does not sell individual products such as Adobe Photoshop; the package includes Adobe Photoshop as part of the suite of programs.

Miscellaneous items Price and information
Blank DVD+R $3
Print quota increase (black and white) $4 per 100 additional pages
Print quota increase (color) Fee varies (see "Supplemental allotments" in About printing at IUB)
Temporary parking permit for IT Training customers
IT Training workshop registration Fee varies (see IT Training)

The UITS Support Center walk-in location in the Information Commons in Bloomington accepts cash, checks, departmental billing, or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and JCB). Credit card payments are accepted only from the person to whom the card was issued, and personal checks are accepted only from the person whose name is on the check. Bursar billing is not available.

For more details about walk-in support at IUB and IUPUI, see UITS Support Center walk-in locations and services.

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