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At IU, how do I purchase software from ERDAS?

ERDAS Desktop is a suite of software modules designed by ERDAS to support remote sensing and photogrammetry. The suite includes IMAGINE Professional, LPS, and example data.


At Indiana University, students may request a free copy of ERDAS Desktop software by sending email to UITS GIS. In the message, include the student's full name, IU email address, and the reason for the request.

Faculty, staff, and departments

At IU, UITS manages the ERDAS site license for all campuses. One ERDAS Desktop license is available at an annual cost of $220. Licenses extend from February 1, 2014, to June 30, 2015; UITS prorates the purchase cost.

Only a UITS-approved GIS Specialist within a department has privileges to order ERDAS Desktop and charge the purchase to the department's IU account number. UITS does not accept cash or credit card purchases. Users may not use ERDAS Desktop purchased through UITS for profit-making activities.

Valid licenses entitle the user to the following for the term of the license:

  • Technical support from UITS
  • Free version and patch updates to the licensed software
  • Access to all ERDAS Desktop software offered on IUware, including IMAGINE Professional, LPS, software updates, and example data

Placing an order

To order GIS and remote sensing software, visit the GIS License System (requires CAS login).

New users must first register with the system by selecting Add User.

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Last modified on February 26, 2014.

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