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Exchange service policies at IU

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Note: Any mail sent to  (for example, ) from a system outside IU will be rejected, generating a bounce message to the sending system. Be sure your mail is sent to .

Dependent policies

The Exchange service at Indiana University is bound by all applicable, existing Information and IT policies.

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Account policies

  • Who can get an Exchange account?

    • IU faculty and appointed staff
    • IU professional school students
    • IU Kelley School of Business MBA students
    • IU part-time staff with sponsorship from an appointed staff member
    • IU graduate students with sponsorship from an instructor

  • Account generation:

    • If you require sponsorship, ask your sponsor to send an email request for Exchange account creation to .
    • If you do not require sponsorship, use the Account Management Service to create your Exchange account.

  • Disk space policies:

    • Disk storage:
      • Default disk space is 2 GB.
    • Space violation:
      • If your account exceeds its storage:
        • You will receive daily warnings from the Exchange system administrator.
        • New mail will not be sent if the mailbox is .1 GB over storage.
        • New mail will not be received if the mailbox is .2 GB over storage.
    • Space extensions:
      • If you need to make special arrangements for additional space, email .

  • Data restoration policies:

    • UITS will restore Exchange data only due to a system failure.
    • UITS will not restore single messages or single mailboxes.
      • Take care when deleting items.
      • Deleted messages are moved to the Deleted Items folder, where you may recover them.
      • To use the Deleted Items folder as an effective recovery mechanism, turn off Outlook's Empty Deleted Items at exit option.
      • For a certain number of days, you can undo deletions after they have left the Deleted Items folder. See In Outlook for Windows, how can I recover deleted items if I am an IU Exchange user?
    • Virus protection:
      • UITS currently performs virus scanning on the Exchange system.
      • UITS strongly encourages you to employ active virus scanning on your own workstation. For more, see Best practices for computer security.

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Address book

  • Naming conventions:

    • All address book objects (i.e., entries in the IU Exchange Address Book) must adhere to the following formats:
      • Contacts: LastName, FirstName Initial
      • Resources: Must follow ADS naming convention (e.g., IN-UITS-ETLarge)
      • Distribution lists: Must follow ADS naming convention (e.g., BL-UITS-ESST) or already exist in the @indiana namespace
    • Departmental identifiers that adhere to the IU given code will take precedence over unofficial departmental or workgroup codes.

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Public folders

  • Creating public folders:

    • Only IU departmental computing support providers can create public folders.
    • To request a folder, email your request to .
    • Folder owners may create subfolders after the top-level folder is created.
    • Folder owners can control access to folders through access control lists.
    • The email address of a mail-enabled public folder should not conflict with any other addresses within the directory. In the event of a conflict, the email addresses of users and centrally managed groups will take precedence over public folders.

  • Disk space policies:

    • Disk storage:
      • The default per department is 200 MB.
      • Departments may request extensions up to 400 MB.
      • Departments that need more than 400 MB may subsidize the additional space.
    • Violations:
      • System administrators will send warnings to folder owners exceeding set storage for fewer than 30 days.
      • Access to a folder will be disabled if it exceeds storage for more than 30 days.
      • For a folder exceeding storage for more than 60 days, system administrators will archive the folder's contents and permanently delete the folder.
    • Extensions:
      • To request an extension, email .

  • Data restoration policies:

    • UITS will restore Exchange data only due to a system failure.
    • UITS will not restore individual public folders.
    • Take care when deleting items.

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System maintenance

  • Scheduled maintenance:

    • The Exchange service maintenance window occurs 6-10am every Sunday, and the second Tuesday of every month from 10pm-midnight.
    • The Exchange service may be available during this maintenance window, but service may be interrupted without warning.
    • To view a list of scheduled downtimes, see the the IT Notices page at:
  • Unscheduled maintenance:

    • As the need for unscheduled maintenance arises, announcements of any service outage will be made through all normal UITS Support Center channels of communication.

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