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How can I display final grades to students within Oncourse?

Note: If you are using the Gradebook in your course and have chosen Display course grade to students now under "Course Grade Options", your course grades are automatically calculated and displayed to the students. You do not need to use the instructions in this document; see Course grade calculations.

If you want to display the final grades for your course to your students within Oncourse, use one of the methods below.

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Posting final grades using a non-calculating Gradebook item

  1. From the menubar, choose Gradebook.

  2. From the Gradebook Items page, select Add Gradebook Item(s).

  3. For the "Grade Entry Type", select Non-calculating.

  4. Enter a suitable title (e.g., Final course grade ).

  5. Make sure Release this item to Students is checked.

  6. Click Add Item(s) to create the item and return to the Gradebook Items screen.

  7. Click your new Gradebook item (e.g., Final course grade) to open it.

  8. Enter grades for each student in the "Grade" column. If desired, click Edit Comments and type in the box appearing next to each student's name.

  9. When you are finished adding grades and comments, click Save Changes.

Students can view their grades, along with any comments you included, by clicking Gradebook in the menubar.

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Using the "Grade Override" column

If you haven't used the "Grade Override" column in Course Grades, you can enter final grades there:

  1. From the menubar, choose Gradebook, and then choose Course Grade Options.

  2. Make sure Display course grade to students now is checked.

  3. Choose Course Grades.

  4. Type the final grade for each student in the box in the "Grade Override" column.

  5. Click Save Changes. Each student will see the grade you entered as the final grade.

    Note: Next to the posted grade, the student will also see the minimum percentage needed to obtain that grade. You should warn your students that this percentage will likely not reflect their actual earned percentage for the class.

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Last modified on August 15, 2013.

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