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About the GoGreen Gadget and Reporting Service

The GoGreen Gadget lets you monitor the electricity and carbon dioxide emissions saved when your computer is off or in sleep mode. The GoGreen Reporting Service records your computer's power savings and tracks your computer's last known network location for the GoGreen Wake on LAN (WOL) Service. If desired, the installation wizard that installs the gadget and service will also apply power management settings that put your computer to sleep when you're not using it, but let it wake up if needed for remote or administrative access.

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Requirements to use the reporting service and gadget

  • Desktop computers only: Laptops typically have default power management settings that conserve power.

  • Windows only: The GoGreen Gadget is available only for Windows. Macs often have default power management settings that conserve power, but you can check or change them.

  • In Windows 7 and Vista, you must have the Sidebar enabled: See Microsoft's Windows Sidebar and gadgets (overview).

Installing the reporting service and gadget

To install the GoGreen Gadget and Reporting Service, download the GoGreen Initiative Setup Wizard from IUware, following the prompts. Select the campus and building where your computer is located (for on-campus computers), so the GoGreen Reporting Service can accurately calculate energy savings.

When prompted for your network adapter, select the network adapter that is configured to bring your computer out of sleep mode. If you aren't sure what this is, choose the first adapter listed.

Note: If you do not have administrative rights to your computer, refer your IT Pro to the technical specifications linked below.

Power management settings

If you select Apply the IU GoGreen Power Management Plan when installing the gadget and reporting service, the installer will set your power management options to the following:

  • Turn off the display after 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • Put the computer to sleep after an hour of inactivity.

You may be able to modify your power management settings.

For help, see Microsoft Support.

However, if the power settings for your computer are pushed from the ADS domain group policy, you cannot change them, even if you have local administrative rights on your system. Ask your system administrator for details.

Waking your computer remotely

If you have configured Remote Desktop to access your on-campus computer from another location (see In Windows, how do I use Remote Desktop to access my remote computer?), you can wake your computer remotely using the Wake on LAN (WOL) feature of the GoGreen Gadget. (You cannot use this feature with off-campus computers.)

To wake up your computer:

  1. Go to Wake on LAN; if prompted, log in with your Network ID.

  2. You will see a list of all the computers registered to you. Under "Send WOL Request" for the desired computer, click Wake.

  3. Connect to your computer as you usually do.

If your computer does not wake on the first signal, use the web site above to send another wakeup signal. If problems persist, contact your local support provider.

Technical information

For technical information and GoGreen documentation, click the Support Materials link under IU-Shared Files on the Pages for IT Professionals SharePoint site (IU Network ID authentication required).

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Last modified on April 03, 2014.

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