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At IU, what options exist for student response devices?

In order to take advantage of new technologies, including integration with Oncourse and mobile devices, Indiana University has entered into an agreement with Turning Technologies. Instructors may use whatever products they choose in their classes, but formal integration into Oncourse will be exclusively with Turning Technologies. All options in the table below allow Oncourse integration.

All Turning Technologies options can work in the same classroom. Instructors may allow all of them or may require (or disallow) a specific option. There are no registration fees. Students in different classes may share devices.

For multiple classes requiring Turning Technologies clickers, you may be able to use the same device; see the table below.

  ResponseCard RF LCD ResponseCard NXT ResponseWare Web App
Photo of ResponseCard RF LCD
Photo of ResponseCard NXT
Photo of ResponseWare Web App on a mobile device
Features 12 keys: 1(A)-10(J), CH (channel), and ? (help)

Answer confirmation via a three-second green light signal

Vibrating accessibility model available

Small LCD screen displays the response selected, channel setting, and battery life
Note: Replaces the ResponseCard XR

Alphanumeric (texting), multi-digit, decimal point, positive/negative entry, multiple response, short answer

Answer choice and response confirmation
For web browsers, iPhone, iPod touch, BlackBerry

Alphanumeric, multiple choice, multiple response, essay
Compatibility Cannot be used in classes requiring the NXT model Can be used in any class requiring a Turning Technologies clicker

Note: Students with XR devices can use them in classes requiring the NXT, but longer text answers may be more difficult; the XR also lacks full functionality for self-paced testing.

Can be used in any class requiring a Turning Technologies clicker if instructor permits use of laptops/mobile devices in class
IU Bookstore price $40.55 $50.65 $21.35 (1-year license)
$42.65 (4-year license)
IU online price* $32 plus shipping $40 plus shipping $16 (1-year license)
$32 (4-year license)
P/N number RCRF-03 RCXR-02 RWW-12 (1-year)
RWW-48 (4-year)
ISBN number 978-1-934931-40-0 978-1-934931-45-5 978-1-934931-37-0 (1-year)
978-1-934931-38-7 (4-year)

*In order to receive the online price, IU students should log into this page with a Network ID to obtain the appropriate campus code, and from there proceed to the Turning Technologies online store. IU departments, faculty, or staff who want to make a purchase should contact their local purchasing office.

If you are an instructor and would like more information about using student response systems in your classes, contact your campus teaching and learning center.

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Last modified on February 05, 2014.

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