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Known issues for UniCom

System administrators are aware of the following issues with Indiana University's UniCom service:

Issue Modes affected Description
Outgoing calls immediately disconnect in Lync for Mac 2011 v.14.0.5 UniCom Enterprise Voice Outgoing calls immediately disconnect in Lync for Mac 2011 version 14.0.5. This problem is fixed in version 14.0.6 or later. UITS recommends upgrading to the latest version, available from IUware.
Lync 2013 Mobile clients produce the error "You can't sign in with this version of Lync. Please install Lync 2010." All Lync 2013 Mobile clients are not compatible with the current Lync 2010 infrastructure. Mobile users should continue to use the Lync 2010 Mobile clients until the Lync infrastructure is upgraded to the 2013 server environment. For timelines for the UniCom Lync deployment project, see Project: UniCom Lync deployment.
Out of Office message set in Outlook does not turn off in Lync at scheduled time All In some cases, if you set your Out of Office message to be turned off at a scheduled time, Lync will continue to display your Out of Office message even after the scheduled time has passed. If you manually re-activate the Out of Office message, then manually deactivate it, Lync will once again display correctly.
Outlook or Lync for Mac hangs All Some Mac OS X users have reported Outlook or Lync becoming unresponsive or taking an excessively long time to complete an action; this happens most frequently on loading. UITS recommends applying the latest updates from Microsoft for both Office and Lync to address this problem.
Lync Mobile client shows "reading setting" instead of contact list All If you have a Video Bridge as a contact (i.e., ), your contact list will show this error in the Lync Mobile client. For the Lync Mobile client to show contacts correctly, you will need to remove this contact.
Trouble making and receiving calls when using Windows Switch User functionality All Lync clients will not work properly when multiple users are logged into the same computer. Users need to log out of the computer, as opposed to using Switch User, in order for Lync calls to work correctly.
Can't expand ADS groups added with Outlook Web App All Some features of Lync are available from within Outlook Web App. However, in this version, you cannot expand ADS groups in your contact list. To add an ADS group to your contact list and later expand it to see individual members, use the desktop client rather than OWA.
In Lync for Windows, incoming call/IM alerts do not appear on the screen. All If you have configured Windows for a custom text size (DPI) greater than 100%, the notifications of incoming calls or instant messaging invitations that ordinarily appear in the lower right-hand corner may not appear within the visible area of the screen, making it difficult to accept calls. You can correct the problem by returning the DPI setting to 100% using the Display Control Panel. Alternatively, if you hear an incoming call invitation, you can accept it by simultaneously pressing the Windows logo key and the letter .
When dialing an international number from the Lync client, call ends abruptly after the caller enters an Authorization Code. UniCom Enterprise Voice When dialing an international number from the Lync client, if the international number is busy, the call will end after the caller has entered an Authorization Code. The caller will not hear a busy signal.
Lync showing incorrect name for person who answers a call All This issue occurs when using Lync to call a number shared by a group of people. Due to the method used by the software to locate the number in the directory, the conversation window for the active call may not display the name of the person who actually answered the call.
Presence requests from All IU is federated with AOL, allowing IU UniCom users to add contacts who use AOL's instant messaging service (AIM) to their UniCom contact lists. Because AOL determines your presence by sending a query from the address , you may see invitations from this user. You can dismiss these invitations.
Cannot use Lync for Mac to call the Video Bridge All Lync for Mac cannot make calls to the IU Video Bridge system. UITS recommends that Mac users use Jabber Video (Movi) to call the Video Bridge.
Cannot use dial pad during a conference call UniCom Enterprise Voice Once three or more parties have been invited into an audio call using Lync, the dial pad fails to pass tones properly. Consequently, you can't invite an international number into a conference call, because the dial pad can't be used to enter an Authorization Code. This issue has been escalated to Microsoft engineers. As an alternative, you can call international numbers individually and merge them into one conversation; see Using Lync with UniCom, how do I hold a conference call or online meeting? You can also use one of the methods described in At IU, how can I arrange for a telephone conference, and what options are available?
Voice mail not answered by intended recipient UniCom Enterprise Voice If you configure Lync to forward unanswered calls to a colleague, and a call to you then rolls over to your colleague's voice mail, callers may be surprised to reach your colleague's voice mail rather than yours. Other Lync users will see that the call is being forwarded, but callers using standard phones will be unaware of the forward. As a workaround, instead of forwarding your calls, choose to simultaneously ring your colleague's number; see In UniCom Enterprise Voice, how do I configure team calling?

For an introduction to UniCom, including how-to PDFs and videos, see UniCom.

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