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What is IU List, and how do I use it?

IU List is Indiana University's mailing list service, based on the Sympa mailing list software. Through IU List, you can manage mailing lists of large numbers of subscribers with customizable settings, create digests of messages, and maintain archives of past communications.

IU List replaced IU's LISTSERV service in spring 2012.

You can log into IU List using two different methods:

  • IU credentials: To log into IU List using your primary email address at IU, click IU Credential Login; this option allows you to log in with your Network ID username and passphrase.

  • Email login: For non-IU addresses or addresses which are not your primary address, use the email login option under "Log in with your IU List password:". The first time you use the email login feature, click First login?, and then enter your email address. IU List will send you an email message; follow the directions in the message to create an IU List password. Do not use your IU Network ID passphrase as your IU List password.

To manage your mailing list, visit the IU List web interface for the campus where the mailing list is based (not necessarily your campus; see Why don't I see my mailing list on the IU List site?), and log in using one of the options described above.

You can also manage your lists via mail commands. Send your commands to  (e.g., , , etc.). For help with mail commands, send email with the Subject line  HELP  to the appropriate address. See On IU List, what commands are available via email?

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