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About Box Sync

Note: Before using Sync on mobile devices, see Using enterprise Box on mobile devices.

The Sync feature for enterprise Box allows you to easily sync files between your desktop and other devices. This is especially useful for files you wish to be able to access offline and/or work on frequently.

To install Box Sync, log into your enterprise Box account. Click the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Box screen in your browser, and select Get Box Sync from the drop-down list. Follow the prompts to download and install Box Sync. If you don't see the Box Sync option, contact the Support Center.

Once you've installed Box Sync, you will need to log in to the Box Sync client. In the "Email" box, enter your IU email address. Then click Use my company's single sign-on credentials (Windows) or Use Single Sign On (Mac), or select the Single Sign-on option for your mobile device. IU's CAS single sign-on window will appear. Enter your Network ID username and passphrase, and click Submit.

Box Sync will create a folder on your computer called My Box Documents. To sync folders to your computer, open Box in your web browser. Click the down arrow to the right of the folders you want to sync to your computer, and select Sync Folder to Computer from the drop-down list. If you drop any individual files into your My Box Documents folder on your computer, Box will create a folder called Default Sync Folder with those files. That folder will be uploaded and kept synchronized in your Box account.


  • Box does not sync files by default. You will need to log into Box on the web and indicate which folders you wish to sync.

  • Box Sync can only sync top-level folders, or folders that are in the "All files and folders" section of your Box account.

  • Box must sync with the My Box Files folder; if you rename this folder, Box will re-create it and duplicate the synced files.

  • Box Sync is recommended for quick local access to frequently used files. It is strongly recommended that Box Sync not be used as a bulk upload mechanism or the primary means for managing your files in Box.

  • Box Sync is not intended as a tool for uploading folders; instead, log into Box on the web and use the Upload Folders feature.

For details about Box Sync, including unsupported file types, see the Box Sync FAQ. For more, watch the Box Sync training video.

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Last modified on November 20, 2013.

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