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At IUB or IUPUI, using Mac OS X, how do I print from my personal computer to an RTC or STC printer?

To print from your Mac OS X computer to a Student Technology Center (STC) or Residential Technology Center (RTC) printer at Indiana University Bloomington or IUPUI, use the Printer Finder utility available from IUware. In the utility, locate the appropriate printer, and add it to the Printer Setup Utility. For more, see How do I obtain and use the IU Printer Finder utility?

Alternatively, to manually add your RTC's printer, see In IUB campus housing, using Mac OS X, how do I connect to my RTC's network printer?

If you have difficulty using the Printer Finder utility, make sure you are using the most recent version from IUware. If you are, try the following solutions:

Check OS X account short name

Make sure your OS X account short name is the same as your IU Network ID username. Your OS X account is the account you use to log into your computer, and the short name is the name the computer uses to identify the account, which may or may not be similar to your own name. To find out your short name, open a Finder window, and look for a house-shaped icon in the sidebar. This is your home folder and it will have the same name as your short name.

If your OS X account currently does not have a short name that matches your Network ID username, you have two options:

Create a new OS X account and transfer files

You can create a new OS X account using your IU username, and then transfer the entire contents of your old OS X account into your new account, in effect renaming your OS X account. To do this:

  1. Create a new account in OS X; see In Mac OS X, how do I create and delete users? Use your IU Network ID username for the short name, and choose any password you wish; you don't need to use your IU Network ID passphrase for your OS X account.

  2. Once you've created your new OS X account, transfer the entire contents of your current account into the new account.

Share files between two OS X accounts

If you want to keep your current OS X account, you can create a separate account to use only for printing, and then share documents between the accounts; see In Mac OS X, how do I transfer files between two OS X accounts? Once you've transferred the files, open and print them as you would normally.

Fix broken printer drivers

If you're still unable to print to an RTC or STC printer, you may need to repair permissions on Mac OS X. If that doesn't work, try Fixamac Software's shareware utility Print Therapy.

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Last modified on December 02, 2013.

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