Manage departmental content in Google at IU

With IU group accounts, teams, departments, and other groups at IU can manage files from one location. In order to avoid data loss, you must assign ownership of departmental and team data to a group account, as any data owned by individuals will be deleted if that person leaves IU.

While UITS endorses the use of Google apps, they can pose accessibility issues, and can take considerable time for individuals with disabilities to master. Therefore, it is best to offer additional options for completing course requirements.

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Access Google at IU with a group account

Group accounts can access Google at IU by default. If you don't have a group account and would like to create one, see Request IU computing accounts for groups or departments for eligibility and instructions.

Manage ownership in Google at IU

By default, content is owned by the account that creates it. For the purpose of work done within a group, it is best practice for files to be owned by a group account, not individuals, in order to avoid unexpected data loss. This can be accomplished in multiple ways for both Google Sites at IU and Google Drive at IU; see below.


Be sure to verify (in the upper right) which account you're logged into when working in Google. By default, Google keeps you logged in, even when you close your browser, unless you sign out first. Thus, for example, you may be logged into your personal account, even when starting from You may wish to add a profile picture for each of your accounts to help differentiate between them; for instructions, see Add a profile picture.

In Google Sites at IU

  • Log in as the group account and create your site. You can add site editors and participants with varying levels of access. For sharing instructions, see Share your site with other people; for permission details, see An overview of site sharing.
  • If you created a site using your own account, share it with the appropriate group account and set the group account as the site's owner.

In Google Drive at IU

  • Log in as the group account and create files and folders. The group account will own any content thus created or uploaded. However, this also means that anyone who can access the group account will have the same permissions in the group's folders.
  • Share your group account's folders with specific people, and request that those people transfer file ownership to the group account. This method allows users to have varying levels of access and to access the files and folders with their own accounts, enabling a greater degree of accountability. Ownership for content created by individual accounts in the group account's folders must be transferred to the group account one by one. For access details and instructions, see Share Google Drive files and folders and Transfer file ownership.
    • When working with group accounts, UITS recommends choosing Share with specific people, as this will allow you to assign different access levels to different people.
    • Transferring the ownership of a folder will not transfer ownership of files within that folder; the files must be transferred separately.

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