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SoftChalk Cloud is the cloud-based version of SoftChalk, an interactive learning solution that integrates media-rich learning content with highly customizable lessons, quizzes, and activities. Grades earned in SoftChalk Cloud lessons can be synced to the Canvas Gradebook. SoftChalk Cloud is available for integration into Canvas for courses at Indiana University.

For more, see About SoftChalk Cloud.

Create an account

IU does not supply accounts or activation keys for SoftChalk Cloud. To integrate SoftChalk Cloud into a class you're teaching, begin by creating your account.

Integrate SoftChalk content with Canvas Grades

Once you've created a SoftChalk Cloud account, create your lessons on the SoftChalk site. Then integrate each lesson with Canvas as follows:

Copy the SoftChalk lesson's LTI link

Each SoftChalk assignment has a unique LTI Link; this link allows Canvas to identify the lesson. Once you've created a SoftChalk lesson, you will need to paste the lesson's LTI link into its corresponding Canvas assignment. Pasting the LTI Link will show the lesson's grades within Canvas. To do so:

  1. Log into your SoftChalk Cloud account.
  2. Click My Content.
  3. From the drop-down menu, select My Lessons & Courses.
  4. Click the name of the SoftChalk lesson you would like to appear in Canvas Grades.
  5. Scroll down until you see "LTI Link (Permalink)", and copy the URL.

Paste the LTI link into Canvas

  1. Log into Canvas, and navigate to the course site.
  2. In the course navigation menu, click Assignments.
  3. At the upper right, click + Assignments.
  4. From the drop-down menu next to "Submission Type", select External Tool.
  5. Below "Enter or find an External Tool URL", click Find and then, in the pop-up window, click SoftChalk Cloud.
  6. Paste the lesson's LTI link into the text box beside "URL".
  7. If you want students to complete the lesson in a new tab, click the box next to Load this tool in a new tab.
  8. Configure the availability dates, name, group, etc. Then click Save to keep the assignment hidden for now or Save & Publish if you're ready for students to see it.
LTI links that have been pasted into a Canvas module will not integrate with Canvas Grades.

Additional resources

At IU, if you need help setting up or using SoftChalk, contact your campus Support Center.

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