ARCHIVED: What do various computer file extensions stand for?

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This table contains information about some file extensions. For a more comprehensive list, consult the following resources:

File extension Type of data Associated with
ARC Compressed archive Common
ARJ Compressed archive Common
ASF Multimedia Windows Media
ASM Source code Intel assembly language
BAK Backup version Common
BAS Source code Basic
BAT Batch DOS and OS/2
BMP Wallpaper Windows and OS/2
C Source code C language
CAP Captions Ventura Publisher
CDX Compound index FoxPro
CFG Configuration Common
CGM Graphics Common vector & raster format
CHP Chapter Ventura Publisher
CIF Chapter information Ventura Publisher
COB Source code COBOL
COM Executable program Compilers and assemblers
CPP Turbo C++ program Borland Turbo C++
CTF Character translation Symphony
DAT Data Common
DB Database Paradox
DBF Database dBase, FoxPro
DBT Memo field dBase
DLL Linked Library Windows and OS/2
DOC Document
Multimate, Microsoft Word, WordPerfect
DXF Graphics AutoCAD common
DWG Graphics AutoCAD proprietary
EPS Graphics/text Encapsulated PostScript
EXE Executable program Compilers and assemblers
F77 Fortran program Common
FMT Screen format dBase
FOR Fortran program Common
FPT Memo field FoxPro
FRM Report layout dBase
FRX Report form data FoxPro
FXP Tokenized .PRG FoxPro
GEM Graphics GEM draw format (vector)
GIF Graphics Common
GRP Windows file group Microsoft Windows
H C/C++ header file C and C++ languages
HLP Help file Windows and OS/2
HPG Graphics Hewlett-Packard (vector)
Word processors, World Wide Web browsers
ICO Icon Windows and OS/2
IDX Single index FoxPro
IMG Graphics GEM paint format (raster)
INF Information file DOS and OS/2
INI Initialization file Windows, DOS, and OS/2
JAR Compressed program Java archive
JPG Graphics JFIF/JPEG compressed graphics
LBL Label description dBase, FoxPro
LBX Label database FoxPro
LIB Library C and Fortran compilers
LZH Compressed archive LHarc
MID Encoded music MIDI software and hardware
MPG Animated graphics MPEG compressed graphics
NDX Index dBase
OBJ Object module Compilers and assemblers
OVL Program overlay Compilers and assemblers
PAS Pascal program Borland Turbo Pascal
PCT Graphics Macintosh
PCX Graphics PC Paintbrush
PDV Printer driver PC Paintbrush
PIC Graphics
Lotus 1-2-3 or Micrografx products
PIF Program information Microsoft Windows
PJX Project database FoxPro
PRD Printer driver Microsoft Word
PRG Source code dBase, FoxPro
PRN Printer driver XyWrite
PRS Printer driver WordPerfect
RAR Compressed archive Common
RTF Document
Microsoft generic word processor
SC Source code Paradox
SCR Screen layout dBase
SLD Graphics AutoCAD slide format
STY Style sheet Ventura Publisher
SWP Swap file OS/2 and Windows NT and 95
SYS System DOS and OS/2
TIF Graphics Common vector format
TMP Temporary Common
TPU Unit file Borland Turbo Pascal
TTF True Type font Windows and OS/2
TXT ASCII text Common
VOC Sound file DOS
VUE Relational view dBase
WAV Sound file Windows and OS/2
WK1 Spreadsheet Lotus 1-2-3 Version 2
WKS Spreadsheet Lotus 1-2-3 Version 1a
WPD Document
WordPerfect document or screen driver
XLS Spreadsheet Excel
ZIP Compressed archive Common (such as PKZip)
ZOO Compressed archive Zoo compression program
$$$ Temporary Common

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