About ForClass


ForClass is an integrative cloud-based platform for content distribution, student assessment, and class management. ForClass gives instructors visual and analytic data to help identify patterns in student responses to pre-class assignments; instructors can then use those insights to guide classroom discussion. For more, see ForClass Platform.

Before using ForClass, Indiana University instructors must contact one of the following ForClass representatives directly to learn about any potential costs that may be associated with using the tool:

  • Boaz Shedletsky: boaz@forclass.com
  • Chris Olson: chris@forclass.com

ForClass representatives can also arrange for demonstrations and answer questions about the ForClass system.

Canvas integration

A ForClass representative must perform initial setup of ForClass for your Canvas course. After that, you can add ForClass to any course in Canvas. By default, ForClass is hidden in your course navigation; for instructions to add it, see How do I manage Course Navigation links?

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