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Cengage MindTap is a cloud-based, interactive tool designed to increase student participation and understanding. Instructors can integrate this content with their Canvas courses via the MindLinks tool. When MindLinks is added to a Canvas course, instructors and their students can use Cengage's interactive instructional materials, including homework, quizzes, readings, and more. MindTap Analytics also provides instructors with data on student and class-wide engagement within a course. For more, see Cengage Learning.

UITS recommends instructors teaching in Canvas at Indiana University use IU eTexts to adopt texts and digital learning tools (DLT) materials from Pearson, McGraw-Hill, Macmillan, Cengage, or Wiley Publishers. In addition to significant discounts off list prices, benefits of using IU eTexts include streamlined integration into Canvas, single sign-on for students (meaning no access codes), and local technical support for faculty and students via the Support Center and IU eTexts Service Catalog.

For instructors

Add Cengage to your Canvas course

Cengage is a global LTI app in Canvas; however, by default, it is hidden. To add the tool to your course navigation menu, see How do I manage Course Navigation links?

The Cengage tool will not be visible to students in the course navigation menu. Instead, students will need to access the Cengage tool within specific Canvas modules. For instructions, see the Instructor Quick Start Guide For Accessing MindLinks for Instructure Canvas (PDF).

Link your Canvas account and set up your course

Before you can use Cengage MindTap, you must first link your Canvas user account with the application and set up your course. For instructions, see the Instructor Quick Start Guide: Integrating MindLinks with Instructure Canvas (PDF).

For students

To use Cengage MindTap, you need a CengageBrain account. For more, see the LMS MindTap Student Brief Start Guide (PDF).

In lieu of an access code, you may be asked for a course key. This refers to a string of numbers and letters that identifies the Cengage materials needed for your course. Your instructor should have provided this to you.

Learn more and get help

For help, contact your campus Support Center.

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