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IU Online offers over 150 online programs for both degree-seeking and non-degree-seeking students, including associate's, bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees, as well as certificates. IU Online is administered by the Indiana University Office of Online Education. For more, see About IU Online.

IU Online degrees

To view degrees and courses of study offered by IU Online, see Online Degree Programs.

IU Online class search

To view classes offered by IU Online, see Online classes at IU.

Types of IU Online classes

IU Online offers the following types of classes:

  • 100% online classes have no on-campus meeting requirements. All work will be completed online. You will not be required to log in on specific days or at specific times. There will be due dates to follow.
  • 76-99% online classes are completed almost entirely online without requiring you to log in on specific days or at specific times. There will be due dates to follow. You will be required to come to campus for at least one class meeting, such as an orientation or exam(s).
  • Hybrid, distance classes combine online instruction with regular required class meetings over live video. You will not be required to come to campus. Portions of the class will be completed online, and portions will require you to log in at specific times on a regular (often weekly) basis to participate in class.
  • Distance, live video classes are taught entirely through regular required class meetings on live video. You will need to log into the class at specific times on specific days throughout the entire semester. Some live video classes require attendance in a special campus classroom.

Apply to IU Online

For instructions for applying to IU Online, see Get started.

Request a transcript

When you apply to IU Online, you have the option to obtain your transcripts at no cost to you. To do this, opt in to the service when you fill out your IU Online application. For more, see the "Transcript Request Service" section of Get started.

IU Online costs and financial aid

For more about the cost of IU Online and available financial aid, see Costs and financial aid.

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