About AirMedia

Crestron AirMedia is a wireless presentation system that lets you cast content onto the in-room display directly from your personal laptop or mobile device, without needing to attach a network cable or configure display settings on your device. Free AirMedia clients are available for Windows and Mac computers; free mobile apps are available for iOS and Android devices.

At Indiana University, your device must be connected to the IU Secure wireless network to use AirMedia.

Directions for downloading, installing, and configuring the AirMedia clients for Windows and macOS will be provided on the display screen in the room.

To get the mobile app, search the iTunes App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android) for "Crestron AirMedia". Instructions for configuring your mobile app will be provided on the display screen in the room.

For more, see the UITS AirMedia User Guide (in PDF format).

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