ARCHIVED: For Emacs, how do I get online help?

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The Emacs online manual and online tutorial contain information on many commands. To see the online manual, at the Unix prompt, enter:

  man emacs

For a quick lesson, you can invoke the Emacs tutorial. At the Unix prompt, enter:


Then press C-h t. To exit the tutorial, press C-x C-c.

The computer you're using may have the GNU Info help system installed for Emacs. If it does, you can enter Info mode in Emacs by pressing:

  C-h i

  • For information on how to issue these commands in Emacs, see In Emacs, how are keystrokes denoted?
  • If you connect to the Unix host running Emacs using NCSA Telnet or BetterTelnet for Mac OS, you may need to deactivate telnet's Ctrl-c escape key sequence before exiting Emacs. To do so, press Command-s. Then press Tab to highlight the "Interrupt Process" field. Finally, press Del, then Return.

At Indiana University, for personal or departmental Linux or Unix systems support, see At IU, how do I get support for Linux or Unix?

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