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Access to statements

These instructions describe the current customer portal interface for viewing your statement. To access UITS billing data from prior to February 2016, follow the IUIE instructions.

At Indiana University, if you have appropriate permission, you can view statements for Telecommunications Services or Intelligent Infrastructure (II) online via the UITS Telecommunications PCR-360 CustomerCenter portal. Charges for the following services are covered:

  • Telephone lines and associated charges
  • Authorization Codes and calling cards
  • Cellular and paging services
  • Data circuits
  • Cable television
  • Card readers
  • Conference calls
  • Other miscellaneous telecommunications charges
  • II servers

Access to the online portal is granted automatically to IU account managers and fiscal officers based on information in the FIS system. To request access for IU delegates (for example, department telecommunications coordinators), submit the Telecommunications Request Form. To request access for outside sales contacts found on our invoice, email the PCR administrator.

For billing questions, use the Telecommunications Request Form.

View your statement in the customer portal

Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are preferred for viewing your statement. For security, it's best to use the most recent version of your preferred browser whenever possible; IU students, faculty, and staff can download browsers from IUware.

To view your statement online:

  1. Log into the portal:
  2. On the welcome page, under "Getting Started", click View My Bill.
  3. At the top of the page, next to "Bill Date Range:", select the date range you want to view.
    One-time charges are billed in arrears; recurring charges are billed for the current month. Thus the February statement, displaying a date range of January 1-January 31, include one-time charges (for example, installation, international calls) incurred during January, as well as recurring charges for February.
  4. In the upper right, next to "View bill by:", choose:
    • Charge Account: IU staff should leave this selected; for external customers, this option allows you to view the statement for your entire account.

      From the drop-down menu next to "Charge Account", you can select all your accounts, or just one. You can also begin typing an account number, and then select one of the possible matches among your sub-accounts.

    • Owner (external customers only): Select this to view charges for various departments under your account. Then, in the menu next to "Owner:", select the service, service owner, or department number for which you want to view charges.
  5. Your statement contains a summary of the charges by charge type, a summary by object code (see Object codes on IUB and IUPUI telephone statements), a tax summary by object code and overall tax summary (if applicable), and a listing of services. When you're viewing your statement, you can do any of the following:
    • In the "Charge summary" section, to drill down to more detailed charges, click the triangles on the left. Alternatively, click Switch to full detail view to expand everything.
    • In the "Services" section at the bottom, which lists all your services with a total of the charges per service, click the line to view individual detail.
    • To save the statement to your local device, in the upper right, next to "Download as:", choose PDF or CSV. (CSV files are generally opened in Excel by default.) Alternatively, you can save the statement as a PDF by clicking Generate PDF on the right side of the bar above the bill.
    • To print the statement, on the right side of the bar above the bill, click Print.

To protect sensitive information, log out when you're finished.

View charges in the IUIE

Alternatively, if you have charges billed to an Indiana University account number, you can use the IUIE. The IUIE allows you to query your billing history in greater detail and save searches for future use.

  1. Access the IUIE; see Log into the IUIE.
  2. Select the Catalog tab, and then choose Master Catalog.
  3. Click Information Technology Services, and then Telecom.
  4. On the left, select Data Extract Telecom. Then, to the right, complete the following fields:
    • "Billing Date"
    • "Chart & account number"
    • "Exp Obj Code & Subcode" (leave blank, or enter 4015)

    You can click Valid Values to the right of a given field to select your entry rather than typing it in.

  5. To view all the information available, under "Select Columns to Include", click All Columns. Alternatively, click Selected Columns, and then select the boxes for all the fields you want to see.
  6. In the lower right, click No limit. Optionally, to save the report for future use, click Save Settings and give the report a name. Then click Run.

This screenshot shows the Data Extract Telecom report selected in the IUIE; select your options from this page.

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