Problems with web page graphics

If you have just placed graphics on your web page and they're not displaying properly, this may be due to one of several problems. The most common difficulties and their solutions are described below.

Filenames and permissions

The easiest problems to check involve filenames and permissions. Make sure that the link from your web page contains the file's correct name and path. If your files are being accessed from a Unix computer, check the files' permissions to make sure they are readable by the web server.

To make sure your Pages web files have the correct permissions, log into Mercury. At the Unix prompt, enter:


The spinweb command alone does not set permissions for files in subdirectories of your web directory. Use spinweb -r to set permissions for files in subdirectories.

File transfer

If you transferred your new graphics from one type of system to another, the contents of the files might have been mangled in transit. Most file transfer programs have at least two modes. When you move a graphics file from one system to another, the correct transfer format is binary, raw, or raw data.

File transfer programs (e.g., SSH Secure Shell for Windows, the FTP program included with Windows, and macOS programs like Cyberduck, Fetch, and Transmit) usually default to the right format.

Incompatible graphics types

The problem may also stem from using a graphics file type that your web browser won't support. Most browsers will handle GIF, JPEG, and PNG files quite well. If you want your inline graphics to appear within the page, it is best to stick with these common image formats. Other formats may not be handled well, or may require the use of a plug-in or helper application.

Also, make sure that you name your files correctly. For example, the filenames of all of your GIF files should end in .gif while your JPEG files should end in .jpg or .jpeg. If you use the wrong extensions, your web browser won't be able to load the images.

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