ARCHIVED: Where can I find help with Emacs?

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You have several methods for finding out how to do things in Emacs:

  • The complete text of the Emacs manual is available online via the Info hypertext reader. Press C-h i to invoke Info.
  • You can list all of the commands whose names contain a certain word or match a particular pattern using C-h a (or M-x command-apropos).
  • Many other commands in Emacs allow you to get help and information. To get a list of these commands, press C-h C-h C-h.
    If C-h has been re-mapped to act like Delete or otherwise isn't functioning, you can use M-x help-for-help instead.
  • You can order a hard copy of the manual from the Free Software Foundation. For more details, see ARCHIVED: For Emacs, how do I get a printed copy of the manual?
  • You can get a printed reference card listing commands and keys to invoke them. You can order one from the Free Software Foundation for $1.50 (or 10 for $10), or you can print your own from the etc/ PostScript file in the Emacs distribution.
  • Check your local bookstore. One good reference is Learning GNU Emacs by Cameron and Rosenblatt, published by O'Reilly and Associates, Inc.
  • Many sources of help will tell you to type something like C-x, where x is a letter. This means to hold down Ctrl while pressing the designated letter. For more information on this and other Emacs keystroke conventions, see How keystrokes are denoted in Emacs

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