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Portfolios are multimodal web sites that allow students (as well as faculty and staff) to showcase and reflect upon their academic, personal, and professional growth and achievements. They can be created using specialized ePortfolio software or generic applications for designing web sites. IU supports the following tools for designing and publishing presentation portfolios:

To decide which platform is best suited to your intended purpose, see the comparison below and contact a consultant at your campus teaching and learning center.

As an instructor, if you use an application managed by a vendor with whom IU does not have a contract, and it collects protected student data, you may be subject to sanctions, according to university policy Disclosing Institutional Information to Third Parties (DM-02). If your intended use will collect any FERPA-protected data in a third-party tool, do not use it before working through appropriate institutional offices to get a contract with the service. For guidance, see Cloud resources for teaching and/or consult your campus teaching and learning center.

Feature comparison

Feature Canvas ePortfolios 1
Canvas Student ePortfolios (Folio) 2
New Google Sites
Organize a presentation into sections consisting of one or more pages
Yes Yes Yes
Incorporate artifacts and reflections from a personal collection into presentations
Yes Yes Yes
Easily upload and embed images, video, audio, and animations into portfolio pages
Yes Yes Yes
Easily incorporate a gallery or slideshow of images into a portfolio
No Yes Yes
Easily combine text, links, and multimedia on any page
Yes Yes Yes
Share portfolios via URL Yes Yes Yes
Share portfolios securely with specific people or groups within or outside IU
No No Yes
Select from a collection of professionally designed visual themes or skins
No No Yes
Upload a custom banner No Yes Yes
Request and receive feedback on an entire presentation or any part of it
Yes 3 Yes 3 Yes 3
Create, distribute, or use a custom presentation template with a predefined structure or prompts
No No Yes 4
Copy a presentation to use as a starting point for a new version
No No Yes
Submit presentations for formal evaluation
Yes 3 Yes 3 Yes 3
Lock and archive presentations that have been formally evaluated
No No Yes 5
Create multiple portfolios for different purposes or audiences
Yes No Yes

1 This is the legacy ePortfolio tool in Canvas. To access, from your personal account menu, select ePortfolios.

2 This is a new, much more robust ePortfolio tool integrated with Canvas. It was formerly a standalone product known as Portfolium. To access, from your personal account menu in Canvas, select Folio.

3 If eportfolio URL is submitted to an assignment in Canvas

4 Via site copy function

5 If submitted to a Google Assignment in Canvas

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