Known issues with Kaltura at IU

Following are known issues, problems, and incompatibilities affecting Kaltura at Indiana University:

Issue Description Workaround Last updated
Problems adding quiz questions to a video
It is not possible to add more than one quiz question at the same place in a Kaltura video.
Leave a second or two between questions in your video.
Febuary 3, 2021
Altering playback speed causes videos to periodically restart
During playback at any speed higher than 1.0x, videos in Kaltura will periodically restart. This problem was introduced during a recent player upgrade and will be resolved by the vendor.
Play videos only at 1.0x speed.
February 15, 2017
Playback difficulty with embedded video
When using embed code to display video, Google Chrome users may have difficulty initiating playback. Videos may appear frozen or may display the spinning Kaltura icon.
Clicking Play again, clicking anywhere in the embedded player, or toggling to full-screen view may resolve the issue.
February 4, 2016

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