Avoid allowing someone to use your IU computing account

Under no circumstances should you ever allow anyone else to use your Indiana University computing accounts; don't even give technical support providers your passphrase for temporary use. IU/UITS support personnel will never need or ask for your passphrase, in person, over the phone, via postal mail, or via email/chat. The following is an official policy statement from the University Information Policy Office (UIPO):

Your University account and computing accounts are provided for your use as a member of the university community. Network IDs provide access to a wide range of services that are restricted for use by you personally (such as grades, address information, bursar bill, salary, benefits) or are restricted for use by members of the university community (VPN, wireless access, library services, and IUware). If you share your usernames and passphrases with spouses, family members, friends, or roommates, then you are giving them access to services they are not authorized to use.

For more about proper use of your computing account, see Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources (IT-01).

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