Set up an anonymous FTP site

Before you set up an anonymous FTP site, be aware of the security risks. Anonymous FTP users will have access to any data stored in files and directories to which anonymous accounts are permitted access. You must take great care to ensure that sensitive institutional or personal data are not stored in these files and directories. To prevent access by unauthorized persons, it is best not to store any such data on the computer where the anonymous FTP server is installed.

An anonymous FTP site enables others to log into and transfer files to and from a computer. In order to set up an anonymous FTP site, you must have administrative access to the computer that will act as the server, and an appropriate amount of disk space. If you are not the administrator of a shared system you are using (such as Indiana University's research systems), you will generally not have permission to set up an anonymous FTP site. However, you may do so if you are using a personal workstation over which you have full administrative control.

If you use IU information technology resources to host an anonymous FTP site, you must comply with Appropriate Use of Information Technology Resources policy (IT-01):

Use of Indiana University information technology resources is restricted to purposes related to the university's mission of research and creative activity, teaching and learning, and civic engagement.

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