ARCHIVED: In Emacs, what does "M-x command" mean?

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In Emacs, "M-x command" means press M-x, then type the name of the command, and then press Enter. The M stands for the Meta key, which you can emulate on most keyboards by pressing the Esc key. For more information on Emacs keystroke naming conventions, see How keystrokes are denoted in Emacs

The default function of M-x is the command execute-extended-command. This command allows you to run any Emacs command by its extended (i.e., full) name. If you can't remember all of a command's name, you can type in some of it and then press Tab and the Spacebar to complete it, or press ? for a list of possible matches.

Your system administrator may have bound a different key or key sequence to invoke execute-extended-command. A function key labeled Do is a good candidate for this.

This information comes from the Emacs FAQ.

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