With Lynx, how do I download a page, image, or program from the web to my account from the Unix command line prompt?

To download from the web using Lynx from the Unix command line prompt, enter:

 lynx -source URL > filename

Replace URL with the URL of the page or image that you want to download. Replace filename with a filename that you want to give to what you are downloading. For example, if you are trying to download a web page at the address http://empire.gov/dvader.html, and you'd like to name the page on your account myhero.html, then you'd enter:

 lynx -source http://empire.gov/dvader.html > myhero.html

If you want to download a web page in formatted output (i.e., without HTML tags, but instead as it would appear in Lynx), then enter:

 lynx -dump URL > filename

If there are any links on the page, the URLs for those links will be included at the end of the downloaded page.

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