Webserve and MySQL disk space quota

The Webserve and Webtest servers use PHP 7.1; PHP 5.6 has been retired and is no longer available. For more about PHP at IU, see PHP server-side scripting language.

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Current Webserve and MySQL quota

Current available quota, FY 17-18

Service Quota
Webserve 2 GB
MySQL for Webserve account 5 GB

Disk storage space on Webserve

Quotas will not be enforced for existing accounts on the current Webserve environment. UITS encourages all account owners to keep their storage usage under 2 GB where practical, but there is no hard limit at this time. If your storage is significantly over 2 GB, Support Center Tier 2 will contact you to help determine if you can reduce your storage usage.

Effective July 1, 2018 new accounts will have an initial quota of 2 GB. If you have a demonstrated need for more storage, UITS will increase your quota upon request. To request an additional quota, contact Support Center Tier 2, along with the reason you need an additional quota allotment and the amount you believe you will need. Webserve administrators will review requests and grant additional quotas on a case-by-case basis.

As a Webserve account owner, you are required to follow best practices on your site to stay below the 2 GB quota:

  • Remove unused files, including .PDFs.
  • When possible, avoid using Webserve as a file-sharing platform, using appropriate alternatives instead (for example, Box).
  • Remove streaming media files, using alternatives such as Kaltura when practical.
  • Remove backup copies, storing them on Box or another storage service capable of handling restricted content.

Determine current disk space use

To see how much space your Webserve account is currently using, log into the account. At the prompt, enter:

du -h

The command may take several minutes to run if your account has a large number of files. As it scans your account, the command will list your folders along with the size of each. When complete, the command will display your account’s total used space at the end (bordered in red below):

Account space used

Disk storage space on MySQL for Webserve

You are granted an automatic 5 GB of quota when your MySQL for Webserve account is created.

As a MySQL for Webserve account owner, you are required to follow best practices on your site to stay below the 5 GB quota:

  • Remove unused schemas and tables.
  • Optimize schema use to minimize the amount of data replication.

Determine current disk space use

For help working with MySQL Workbench and using API stored procedures, see Use MySQL Workbench to connect to the Webserve MySQL servers.

To see how much space your MySQL for Webserve account is currently using, use MySQL workbench to run this API stored procedure:

call api.checkDbSize('name', 'asc');

The procedure above returns a list of schemas in ascending alphabetical order by schema name, along with current size in megabytes (MB). Using different arguments, you can sort by schema size ('size' instead of 'name') and descending order ('desc' instead of 'asc').

This procedure ignores empty schemas (those with no tables).

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