Can't log into Webserve account

Webserve is scheduled for retirement on December 23, 2019, and will be replaced by IU Sitehosting. All sites hosted on Webserve must be migrated to IU Sitehosting by that date or content will be inaccessible.
This document pertains to the Indiana University central web server ( Webserve), which hosts departmental and organizational web pages. Webserve accounts are not used for personal email accounts or personal web pages.

If you are having trouble logging into Webserve via SSH, SFTP, or scp, first confirm that your Webserve credentials are correct by opening a new browser session and logging in at:

If you have forgotten the passphrase, the account owner can have it reset; see Reset your IU passphrase.

If the passphrase is correct, make sure you are on the IU Network or have a VPN connection to it; for help with VPN, see About the IU VPN. If you are on the IU Network, try using a different program (for example, WinSCP or Cyberduck) to connect to Webserve. Make sure that you are using the correct login information:

  • Hostname:
  • Port: 22
  • User: account name
  • Password: account passphrase

If problems persist, contact Support Center Tier 2.

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