Cross-list Canvas classes

The Cross-listing Assistant in Canvas at Indiana University is a utility for combining enrollments from multiple course sections into a single primary course site, which reduces the administrative overhead of managing a separate version of the course for each section.

To combine sections using the Cross-listing Assistant:

  1. Identify the courses in Canvas associated with the sections you want to combine, and select one of them to be the primary course (i.e., the course you will use for teaching students in all of the cross-listed sections).
    • You need to be a teacher in the sections you wish to cross-list.
    • All sections to be cross-listed need to be provisioned by SIS and be assigned to the same term as the primary course.
    • For best results, cross-list your sections before publishing the primary course site.
    • Since cross-listing sections with different or no eTexts adopted will break the links to IU eTexts materials, sections using IU eTexts need to adopt the same eTexts.
  2. Log into Canvas, navigate to the course site that will serve as the primary course, and then click Settings.
  3. On the "Settings" page, in the sidebar, click Cross-listing Assistant. Wait a few seconds for the tool to load (if you are enrolled in a large number of sections, you may need to wait longer).
  4. On the Cross-listing Assistant main screen, sections available to cross-list appear in the "Available Sections" column:
    Canvas Cross-listing Assistant main screen

    Use the checkboxes to select (or deselect) sections you want to combine with (or remove from) the primary course.


    If a course section seems to be missing from the "Available Sections" list:

    • It may already be combined with another primary course. To make it available for cross-listing, first undo the existing cross-listing.
    • It may be associated with a course assigned to a different term.
    • You may not be enrolled in that section as a teacher (or a comparable role).
  5. Selected sections will appear in the "Cross-listed Sections" column. When you are finished selecting (and/or deselecting) sections, click Continue.
  6. On the Cross-listing Assistant summary screen, review your changes, and then:
    • To commit your changes, click Submit.
    • To make additional changes, click Edit.

After cross-listing sections with a primary course, the individual sections will no longer appear in your course list. Only the primary course will be displayed for you and your students.

For help loading final grades into the SIS Grade Roster from courses with cross-listed sections, see Load final grades from Canvas into the SIS Grade Roster.

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