ARCHIVED: At IU, how do I subscribe to a LISTSERV list?

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Note: IU retired its LISTSERV system in spring 2012, replacing it with IU List, a new mailing list service. See About IU List

In LISTSERV, you can subscribe to a mailing list by sending a command to the LISTSERV server or by using the LISTSERV web interface.

Using LISTSERV commands

To subscribe to a LISTSERV list, send the following line in the body (not in the subject line) of a message addressed to the LISTSERV server:

  subscribe listname

Replace listname with the name of the list. Do not add the domain, such as Simply entering the name of the list is sufficient.

Note: For Indiana University LISTSERV mailing lists, send all commands to the appropriate address for your list:

  Campus Server address
  IU Bloomington
  IU Kokomo
  IU Northwest
  IU South Bend
  IU Southeast

Never send commands to the address of the mailing list (e.g., to Send only messages intended for members of the list to the list's address.

Subscription requests are handled as follows, depending on the subscription policy for the list:

  • If the list's subscription policy is set to open,confirm, you will receive a confirmation request from LISTSERV. To be added to the list, you must reply to the confirmation and include the text ok in the body of the reply.
  • If the list's subscription policy is set to by owner, the list owner will receive a message requesting approval of your subscription request. See ARCHIVED: In LISTSERV, how do I contact the owner of a list?
  • If the list's subscription policy is set to closed, all subscription requests will be refused. You must contact the list owner directly to request a subscription.

If you are a list owner, for information about how to modify the configuration file (header) of your LISTSERV list, see ARCHIVED: On my LISTSERV list, how can I modify the list header?

Using the LISTSERV web interface

At Indiana University, you can subscribe to one or more LISTSERV lists by using the LISTSERV web interface:

  1. Log into the LISTSERV web interface; see ARCHIVED: At IU, how do I access the web interface for LISTSERV list management?
  2. Click Subscriber's Corner at the top of the page.
  3. In the text box under "Search Options", type a list name, and then click Search, or use the drop-down list and select Show All Lists.
  4. Use the checkboxes to select the lists to which you wish to subscribe.
  5. When you are finished, click Submit.

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