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SMTP server configuration

Typically, problems sending messages indicate that your outbound (SMTP) server is configured incorrectly. If this is the case, you may receive messages similar to the following:

"The recipient dvader [or whoever is in the "To:" field] is not acceptable to your SMTP server. The message is unsendable until the recipient has been changed."
"550 <dvader@empire.gov> Relaying Denied."

To correct the problem, at any Indiana University campus, in the configuration of your mail software, set the outbound (SMTP) server to:

  • If you connect to IU computing systems through most outside internet service providers (ISPs), for your IMAP software's outbound server setting, you can use either mail-relay.iu.edu or your ISP's outgoing server setting. However, if you are required to use your ISP's SMTP server, substitute that server's name for mail-relay.iu.edu. Also, check with your ISP to determine whether its SMTP server requires authentication, and SSL or TLS.
  • If possible, use Exchange ActiveSync.

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