ARCHIVED: Prepare your IU email accounts for an extended absence

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When you're away, if you have access to a computer or mobile device with an internet connection, you can easily continue to read your mail and maintain your IU accounts. The university uses your Indiana University email address for official communications, and you are expected to check your IU email consistently, even during the summer; see About IU's policy on official communications from the university to students.

However, if you plan to access your IU email only infrequently while away, consider the following precautions to ensure that your accounts remain secure and stable in your absence.

Delete unneeded files and email messages

Deleting unneeded files saves time and resources, and also frees up valuable disk space. You'll start with a cleaner slate when you return.

Opt out of the spam quarantine

The spam quarantine service analyzes all incoming mail to your IU Exchange account. Spam is quarantined in a Spam or Junk E-mail folder for five days and then deleted. If you will not be able to monitor this folder and are concerned about losing legitimate email that is incorrectly identified as spam, you can opt out of the spam quarantine service; see ARCHIVED: Opt out of the IU spam quarantine service.

For tips on reducing the amount of spam you receive, see Avoid receiving spam.

Change your passphrase

To protect your account, in addition to changing your passphrase regularly, you should change it just before you leave for a longer absence. Be sure to pick a passphrase you'll remember upon your return. For help, see Change your IU passphrase.

Beware that if you change your ADS domain account password while you are logged into another computer with the same ADS domain account, you will be locked out of your account. For more, see If your ADS domain account is locked.

Suspend IU List and other mailing list subscriptions

Messages from IU List and other subscription lists can fill your storage space and keep you from receiving other, more important, messages. To prevent this, you may wish to suspend these subscriptions while you're absent.

To temporarily suspend delivery to your address, see Suspend delivery for an IU List mailing list. For an outside mailing list, consult the help or welcome messages from that list to determine how to temporarily suspend delivery.

When suspending subscriptions via email, make sure to send the request from the account that is subscribed to the list; otherwise, you will not successfully suspend your subscription. For example, you cannot suspend your subscription for your address if you send the request from your address.

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