ARCHIVED: Use Aqua Data Studio for Windows to access a MySQL database on the RDC

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Following are instructions for downloading, installing, and configuring the IUware version of Aqua Data Studio for Windows to access your MySQL database on the Research Database Complex (RDC) at Indiana University.

  • The version of Aqua Data Studio for Windows available from IUware is an older one that does not support SSL connections.
  • Currently, IUware does not offer a macOS version.

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Download Aqua Data Studio from IUware

IU students, faculty, and staff can download version 4.7.2 of Aqua Data Studio for Windows at no cost from IUware. To do so:

  1. In a web browser, access the Aqua Data Studio download page in IUware.
  2. If you are not already logged into IU's Central Authentication Service (CAS), click Log in for access, and then log in with your IU Network ID credentials.
  3. Under "Downloads", click the installer icon, and then save the installer file (ads-windows-x864.7.2.exe) to your computer.

Install the application on your computer

To install the IUware version of Aqua Data Studio:

  1. On your computer, locate the downloaded installer file ( ads-windows-x864.7.2.exe), and then click the file to launch the InstallShield Wizard.
  2. Follow the prompts to accept the terms of the license agreement, choose an installation folder, and begin the installation.
  3. When the installation is complete, click Finish to exit the wizard.
  4. Locate the Aqua Data Studio application icon on your computer, and then double-click it to launch the program.
  5. The first time you launch Aqua Data Studio, the "Usage & License" screen will appear; on the Usage tab, under "Usage", select Educational Use - Students, faculty and staff of academic institutions.
  6. Under "Educational License", click the checkbox to verify you will be using the application for a non-commercial, education purposes at an academic institution classified as K-12, college, or university.
  7. In the "Institution website/domain" text box, enter
  8. Click OK.
  9. In the "Welcome to Aqua Data Studio" window, click Continue.
  10. In a moment, the "Register Server" window will appear. Under "This is your first time using Aqua Data Studio. Would you like to register a database server?", click Yes, and then continue with the instructions in the Registering your database server section (below).

    Alternatively, if you prefer to register your database server some other time, click No, and then, when you return to Aqua Data Studio later, access the Register Server screen from the Server menu.

Register your database server

To register your MySQL database server, you will need the information provided to you when your database account was created. If you no longer have that message, email the UITS High Performance Systems group for help.

To register your database server:

  1. If you are not already on the "Register Server" screen, from the Aqua Data Studio menu bar, select Server, and then Register Server.
  2. On the General tab, under "RDBMS", select MySQL.
  3. In the "Name" field, enter a name for this server registration (e.g., RDC-MySQL).
  4. Next to "Type", use the drop-down list to select Development.
  5. Under "Authentication":
    • In the "Login Name" and "Password" fields, enter your database username and password.
    • Uncheck the Save password option.
  6. Under "Location":
    • In the "Host" field, enter the hostname of your database server.
    • In the "Port:" field, enter the port number.
    • In the "Database" field, enter the name of your database.
  7. Click OK.

Connect to your MySQL database

To connect to your MySQL database using Aqua Data Studio:

  1. Start Aqua Data Studio, and then, on the left, choose the appropriate server name.
  2. Select Databases, and then select your database.

Get help

If you need help installing the IUware version of Aqua Data Studio for Windows, or have questions, email the UITS High Performance Systems group. UITS does not support Aqua Data Studio beyond installation of the IUware version.

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