Ignored words in Knowledge Base searches

Unless enclosed in quotation marks, the common words listed below are ignored in Knowledge Base searches. For example, if you search for the phrase what is an exchange account, the search will return all KB documents that contain "exchange" and "account", but "what", "is", and "an" will be ignored.

Since the below words occur in many KB documents, but not necessarily in documents most relevant to your search, ignoring them makes searches more successful.

If you perform a quoted search, the words below will not be ignored. This can allow you to find exact matches when needed. See Knowledge Base search help.

The following words are ignored in regular KB searches:

a able about above across after
again against ain't all almost also
am among an and any are
aren't as at be because been
before being below between both but
by can can't cannot could could've
couldn't dear did didn't do does
doesn't doing don't down during each
either else ever every few for
from further get got had hadn't
has hasn't have haven't having he
he'd he'll he's her here here's
hers herself him himself his how
how'd how'll how's however i i'd
i'll i'm i've if in into
is isn't it it's its itself
just least let let's like likely
may me might might've mightn't more
most must must've mustn't my myself
neither no nor not of off
often on once only or other
ought our ours ourselves out over
own rather said same say says
shall shan't she she'd she'll she's
should should've shouldn't since so some
such than that that'll that's the
their theirs them themselves then there
there's these they they'd they'll they're
they've this those through tis to
too twas under until up us
very wants was wasn't we we'd
we'll we're we've were weren't what
what'd what's when when'd when'll when's
where where'd where'll where's which while
who who'd who'll who's whom why
why'd why'll why's will with won't
would would've wouldn't yet you you'd
you'll you're you've your yours yourself

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