If you get the message "Kerberos error: Time is out of bounds" when changing your passphrase

This error means that the host system's clock has drifted more than five minutes from the Kerberos server's clock. (The Kerberos server is where your IU username and passphrase are stored.) Report this problem to UITS as soon as possible.

At Indiana University Bloomington, to report this problem, contact the UITS Support Center by phone at 812-855-6789 or send email to ithelp@iu.edu. At IUPUI, contact the UITS Support Center in Indianapolis by phone at 317-274-4357 or send email to ithelp@iu.edu. Provide as many details as possible, including the following:

  • Date and time the error occurred
  • System you were using when the error occurred
  • Full text of the error message
  • Context in which the error occurred

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