In MATLAB, how can I sort all of the rows of a matrix according to one of the columns?

The MATLAB function sortrows(A,j) sorts the rows of the matrix a based on the entries of the j-th column. For example, enter the following in MATLAB:

   A = [1 2 3 
        3 0 9
        6 5 4]
   B = sortrows(A,2)
   C = sortrows(A,3)

You will receive the following output:

  B =
     3     0     9
     1     2     3
     6     5     4

  C =
     1     2     3
     6     5     4
     3     0     9
By default, the command sortrows(A) (i.e., without the j parameter) sorts by the first column of A, decides ties by the second column, decides further ties by the third column, and so on. For a three-column matrix, sortrows(A) is equivalent to sortrows(A,[1 2 3]).

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