At IU, how can I tell if my mail is forwarded?

To find out if your Indiana University mail is being forwarded:

Important note about accessing the correct account:
Log into CAS using the credentials associated with the appropriate account, as other accounts will not be visible; thus, for a group account, log into CAS with your group account username and passphrase.
  1. Go to Email Management in One.IU, and click Start.

    The resulting page will display your accounts on UITS central systems (but not accounts you may have on a server in your department). Take note of all the listed accounts for the steps that follow.

    For departmental, student organization, or group accounts, you can change the passphrase if you know the current one. Other account settings must be handled by the account owner.
  2. Make sure you have registered a preferred email address and that it is correct. See At IU, how do I choose or change my primary email address and preferred email service?
  3. Log into each account that permits email. This includes your Cyrus mail account, IU Exchange, and possibly departmental computers.

    For help with a departmental account, check with your department's computing support provider.

    To check the forwarding on your Cyrus or IU Exchange account:

    • If you are using IU Webmail to access your Cyrus account, in the header bar at the top of the screen, click the Filters icon. Under "Existing rules", click Forward. If forwarding is enabled, you will see the forward information in the "Address(es) to forward to:" field. You will have the option of turning off or changing the forwarding. Log out to return to your Webmail session.
    • If you're accessing your Cyrus account with a graphical email client, such as Thunderbird or Mac OS X Mail, you can probably find forwarding information under one of the following menus: File, Preferences, or Tools.
    • To check for forwarding on your IU Exchange account, use Outlook to examine your rules. Look for any rules that forward your mail automatically to another address. You can toggle a rule on or off with the checkbox next to the rule.
Any mail sent to (for example, from a system outside IU will be rejected, generating a bounce message to the sending system. Be sure your mail is sent to

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