Manage your students' add or drop requests in Canvas

When students submit electronic requests to add or withdraw from your courses, alert buttons labeled students waiting to add or students waiting to withdraw appear in the sidebar of your course home pages in Canvas, as well as in the Canvas dashboard. These buttons are only visible when there are pending add or drop requests in your SIS Action List.

To view and process eAdd or eDrop requests:

  1. Log into Canvas.
  2. Navigate to the Canvas Dashboard or the home page for any course in which you are enrolled as an instructor.

    If students are waiting to add or withdraw from one of your classes, you'll see the students waiting to add and/or students waiting to withdraw alert buttons in the right sidebar. The number in the red circle shows how many of each type of request are waiting in your Action List.

    Buttons in Canvas showing the number of students waiting to withdraw or add
  3. To view and process the requests, click the appropriate alert button. You'll be taken to a filtered view of your Action List that shows only eAdd or eDrop requests.
    Filtered view of Action List (eAdd requests)
  4. To view an individual request, click the document ID in the left column. Then review each pending request, and approve, disapprove, or take other actions as appropriate. See below for a sample eAdd request; for more about processing eAdd or eDrop requests, see IT Training's eDocs job aids.
    eAdd Request example

Requesting students will receive email notification when routing/approval is complete.

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