ARCHIVED: In HTML, what are some common tags?

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Some common HTML tags include:

Defines the header of an HTML document
Defines the title of an HTML document. The title appears in the title bar of your browser window.
Defines the body of an HTML document. All of the content that appears on your page goes between these two tags.
<h1></h1> . . . <h6></h6>
Defines section headings. <h1> is the largest section heading and <h6> is the smallest section heading.
Text between these tags will be displayed as a paragraph. Most browsers separate paragraphs with a blank line.
Surrounds text to be emphasized. The text will usually be displayed in italics.
Surrounds text to be displayed with strong emphasis. The text will usually be displayed in bold.
Surrounds an unordered list. A bullet will precede each list item.
Surrounds an ordered list. A number will precede each list item.
Defines an individual item in a list
<a href=""></a>
Defines a hyperlink. Text between these tags will be highlighted. This highlighted text is a link to another web page.
<img src="somepicture.gif">
Inserts a picture into the document

Many more extensive reference guides to HTML tags are available on the web. See ARCHIVED: How can I learn about HTML?

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