ARCHIVED: In Oncourse, how do I send a Course Mail message to students registered in my class?

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UITS no longer supports original Oncourse. For information about Indiana University's current version of Oncourse, see ARCHIVED: What is Oncourse?

Note: Messages sent via Oncourse's internal email program, Course Mail, are only available from within Oncourse. If you send a message using Course Mail, your recipients will not receive it in their regular mailbox. They will have to log into Oncourse to see your message.

To send a message to the registered students in your Oncourse class, you must first enable Course Mail.

Note: Course Mail is enabled by default at all campuses except Indiana University Bloomington.

  1. Log into Oncourse and select your course. For help, see the Knowledge Base document ARCHIVED: For Oncourse, how do I log in?
  2. At the top of the page, click In Touch.
  3. Click Activate/Deactivate Course Mail. This will take you to the "Course Mail Editor General Settings" page. Click the Yes radio button, and then click OK to make Course Mail active.

Once you've made Course Mail active, follow these steps to send a message:

  1. At the top of the page, click In Touch. Then, under the "Course Mail" heading, click Oncourse Mail.
  2. Click the text link marked Send New Mail. This will open a screen where you can compose new mail messages.
  3. In the "To:" field, select your recipient or recipients:
    • To send a message to the whole class, select ENTIRE CLASS.
    • To send a message to one person or group, select (highlight) the appropriate name.
    • To send a message to two or more recipients, select (highlight) the first user and then press and hold the Ctrl key (in Windows), or the Cmd key (in Mac OS or Mac OS X) while selecting the additional recipient(s).

  4. Type a brief subject line in the "Subject" box.
  5. In the main box below the "Subject" box, type your message.
  6. To send your message, click the Send Now button.

For information about other Oncourse communication features, see "Getting Help with Oncourse" at:

To find more information, from the tab menu in a course in Oncourse, click Help.

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